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Code of Conduct


  • Respect your fellow forum members. If a post has a comedy element that may be misconstrued, we're not short of smileys to assist in clarifying your point.

  • Consider whether if someone posted that to you, would you be upset? If the answer is yes, then don't post it.

  • Enjoy the forums in a relaxed manner. It's our hobby... let's have fun with it.

  • Post constructive criticism if someone asks for comments. Word it carefully & make it friendly. People can be inadvertently hurt by clumsily worded critiques.

  • Make new members and novice modellers especially welcome. We're not into cliques here, and everyone's work deserves attention.

  • Bear in mind that ANYONE in the world with a PC can read your post, and our hobby is a fairly small community and you've a fair chance of meeting people you post about either online or at a show sometime.

  • Read the dont's



  • Post something you know, or suspect will upset another forum member.

  • Post any pictures that show any of the naughty bits (male or female), or just expose FAR too much flesh on a mixed forum.

  • Use the nasty profanities (and you all know which ones they are) in the forum. Some of our members are youngish, and we don't want anyone viewing the forums from work to be pulled up by the IT police.

  • Seek out arguments, or ride your hobby horse every chance you get. That's trolling, and frowned upon here.

  • Post political stuff. It's God-awful boring as well as a good way to start an argument.

  • Be condescending when you are disagreeing with someone. It'll wind them up & the thread will go south pretty quickly.

  • Derail threads that are important to the original posters with chatter. if you've got nothing much to add to the thread, just slope off quietly.

  • Forget to read the Remembers.



  • Some subjects just shouldn't be targeted for jokes, as they're just not acceptable in an open forum, with such a disparate group of members. Things like racist comments should be left off the forums.

  • You are entitled to your free speech, but we're also entitled not to have to listen to you if your opinions breach the rules or you're just plain obnoxious.

  • Making models of any type is a hobby. That's supposed to be a reliever of stress, and a source of enjoyment. Treat it as such.

  • We are here for every standard of modeller. Whether you're a master, or a beginner, you're welcome here.

  • People are entitled to differing views, hopes, goals, aspirations and needs than yours. Respect this fact.

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